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Haldi Ceremony - The Perfect Blend Of Tradition And Fun

The Haldi ceremony is a treasure trove of good memories and great pictures! Here's a complete guide on how to plan yours, so as to make the most of this very special occasion.

After all, these are the memories you will cherish for a long time to come. Read on to know how to make this day memorable for you and your dear ones, as you embark on the first steps towards a brand new life.

The Haldi ceremony is often marked as an intimate gathering, just ahead of the main wedding ceremony. So, it's where your family - mums, sisters, cousins, close friends and near relatives will shower their love on you (proverbially and sometimes literally), blessing you against 'Buri Nazar' and for a happy married life ahead. These blessings are blended (often with regional and cultural variations), with either milk, rose water, sandalwood, curd and other herbs and then spread liberally over the bride and groom's face, arms and legs.

There is the traditional Punjabi wedding, where the Haldi ceremony is often combined with the Chura ceremony; the Marathi wedding, where Haldi Kumkum has its own role to play; the Gaye Holud (at a Bengali wedding), Nalugu for a Telugu wedding and so on.

Basics First - The Essential Do's And Don't's

  • Keep the guest list in control - The bride/groom and their loved ones should be able to enjoy both the emotional and fun aspects of the day and shouldn't mind getting a little messy.

  • Choose your venue in line with your guest size - Outdoors is ideal, though the Haldi is often organised at home

  • Choose your decor, props and colour code - Yellow (naturally) works best for day functions, photographs and the mood of the day, but feel free to experiment

  • Create a Haldi Playlist - Add as many Bollywood numbers and Indipop tunes as you want. These will set the tone for the function and add to the overall fun vibe of the occasion.

  • The Haldi menu - Keep it light, high on beverages

Don't Forget The Tradition In Your Excitement About The Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is a beautiful mix of traditions and a fun day out. However, people often tend to ignore the traditions, in favour of a peppy round of fun. And while this isn't a bad idea, it may end up leaving the elders feeling left out or neglected. Here's how one can balance this:

  • Delegate responsibilities to your elders, in terms of planning the traditional ceremonies - they would know familial customs best.

  • Plan the first half of the event for the ceremonies, leaving plenty of time for dance, fun and music later

  • Check with your makeup artist on how much Haldi application is okay with their wedding makeup plans.

Things To Try On The Day Of The Ceremony

On the day of the Haldi ceremony, things may become a little overwhelming for the bride or groom. This is when they should let go and simply let the day go by. Here are some ways in which one can do that:

  • Take up an on-the-spot Holi or petal shower with flowers and colours alongside the bright yellow

  • Take a dip - especially if you're hosting a poolside Haldi ceremony

  • Have activities on the side - Think of a nail bar, fun games, a dance competition to keep the mood swelled

  • Pose - With elan - A Haldi ceremony is often the last time one can let their hair down with their loved ones. Make the most of it for your photos, wedding video and as a time-out, before the formal events.

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when you plan to make your Haldi ceremony a smashing hit. Every eye is on the bride and the groom and what they are wearing. So make sure that your Haldi dress is worth their time and a second look too! Thanks to the millennial era you have a wide range of outfits to choose from. Be open to new ideas. Try out a few outfits before you finalise the one that does the most justice to your personality. Add some quirky accessories for that extra pop of colour and spark!

Haldi ceremony is one of the most looked up to pre-wedding ceremonies because it promises an endless riot of fun and laughter. Haven't you waited all your life to attend your BFFs Haldi ceremony so you could smear the turmeric paste all over her? We sure have! Take inspiration from these stellar ideas and take your function up a notch. Trust us, it will be a ceremony none of your guests will be able to forget for some seasons to come. Bend the rules and have some fun!!!

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