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Mehendi Ceremony - A Colorfull Tradition

Held a day before the actual wedding, the Mehndi ceremony is a fun-filled, nostalgic sit-down for the bride, her cousins, siblings, friends, aunts and others. This is their day, filled with fun, laughter, songs, dances and games as each sits down for a dollop of Mehndi over their hands and feet.

Often held on a sunny day outdoors, the Mehndi ceremony actually occurs for both the bride and the groom on the same day. Nowadays, many brides-to-be choose to do one combined mehndi function, for double the madness and fun!

A Mehndi ceremony is all about fun, enthusiasm and a pop of light during a hectic wedding period. This peppy mood translates best to the mehndi decor as well. Imagine bright colours - pink, magenta, yellow, orange, blue and green across the venue, either as fabric awnings, floral elements, live performers, perky installations or even photobooths. So, what are the elements that can be added to your henna day setup? Here are some takeaways -

1. Installations - These installations can be rickshaws, bikes, scooters or even other photobooth elements that add to the fun of the occasion.

2. Flowers - Flower decoration can enhance the appeal, be it with a focal element, like the bridal seat or bridal swing, as a floral backdrop or even venue and entrances.

3. Live performers & Games - Think of a DIY engagement idea that will keep all of your Mehndi guests in sheer delight. These could be dancers or musicians or even bangle makers, other mehndi artists and stalls for mehndi games.

A mehndi ceremony is expected to be a point of delight, tradition and beauty, with emotional tangents. We hope that this island of fun adds many more memories to your wedding experience.

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